Frequently Asked Questions

Communication / Internet Availability - FAQs
  • Is there email or internet access at the meeting?
  • Yes, all sites will have some Internet access available provided by Keystone Symposia. In addition, most resort sites will have business centers, cafes or libraries that will also have Internet access. Internet service in guest rooms varies and may not be available in all rooms. Ask the hotel reservation desk about rooms with Internet access. Charges for these services will vary for each site. Call the resort for further details.

  • What is the best method for communication with my home?
  • Phone cards or cell phones are the best choices for conferees. Since some cell phones do not have service at these sites, call your carrier before you travel. Phone cards are available at most airports for a nominal fee. Note that resorts and hotels charge high fees for use of long distance phone service.

  • What type of Internet connection is available at the meeting?
  • Although each site is different, an Internet connection will be available for a small fee in the resort business office. In some cases, Keystone Symposia will provide hubs for personal computers. These hubs will be located in common areas, such as a small meeting room or lobby. Some of our meeting sites offer WiFi (wireless) internet access. Call the specific resort for details on using this technology and to verify its availability.

  • Do cell phones work at the resort locations?
  • Cell phone service is limited at some resort locations. Check with your provider for service availability.