Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival Day - FAQs
  • When do conferees receive the name badge?
  • Name badges are presented at registration/check-in, which is usually between 4 pm and 8 pm on the first day of the meeting. Conferees can also check-in the next morning to receive their badge. All attendees and speakers must check-in at the registration desk. Name badges must be worn at all times to ensure entrance into the meetings.

  • What are the hours of registration/check-in on the first day?
  • Check-in for the meeting is usually 4 pm - 8 pm local time on the first day of the conference.

  • Can I check-in for the meeting after the posted registration times?
  • If you arrive after 8 pm, you can register for the meeting the next morning. You may check in for your lodging and attend the evening keynote address if there is one. The Keystone Symposia registration desk will be open during the start of scientific sessions.

  • When are abstracts available to view online?
  • Anyone registered for a meeting can view abstracts for that meeting that authors have chosen to make viewable 30 days prior to the meeting. One week (7 days) before the meeting, registered participants can view all abstracts online accessed from attendee accounts and in the secure mobile app. This information is accessible by logging in to your account. Please see the View Abstracts section on our website.