Diversity in Life Science Programs

Keystone Symposia Celebrates National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month (November 1-30, 2016)

At Keystone Symposia, the Diversity in Life Science Programs (DLSP) would like to share some of the thoughts of our Fellows who are of American Indian/Alaskan Native descent regarding how they perceive their role and responsibilities as scientists of color. In 1976, the United States' bicentennial year, Congress passed a resolution authorizing President Ford to proclaim a week in October as "Native American Awareness Week." On October 8, 1976, he issued his presidential proclamation doing so. Since then, Congress and the President have observed a day, a week or a month in honor of the American Indian and Alaska Native people.

The DLSP invites you to share in our celebration of the scientific achievements of several of our Keystone Symposia Fellows!

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